A word on our Architect

I don’t think I’ve stated yet that the architect we selected for the project is Dan Kerr of MawsonKerr, a small but growing practice in Newcastle upon Tyne.  Though a relatively young firm MawsonKerr have a solid portfolio, including work delivered under their own name but also at former practices.  As a certified Passivhaus designer Dan fitted the bill in terms of what we were looking for in terms of sustainability design led by first principles.  He was commissioned over other equally qualified and perhaps more proven architects because of his displayed passion for the job and an anticipation that he would make the best fit at a personal level on what was always going to be an ambitious and challenging job.  We’ve not regretted making the decision on that basis at all; over what was a testing and protracted planning process Dan demonstrated continual enthusiasm and commitment to the project.  We’re subsequently very much looking forward to continuing the relationship now that it’s time to deliver.