About Me

My name is Richard Pender, I am 30 years old and have a real passion for environmental design, architecture, and development.  In 2011, having previously worked in Westminster co-ordinating a climate change committee, and having had involvement with organisations such as WWF and Forum for the Future, I made a slightly sideways move into property development.  At the same time I also undertook an MSc in renewable energy at Newcastle University.  In a stroke of amazingly good fortune the opportunity has arisen to try and combine all these skills in the form of a project to build a sustainable home into which my parents can fully retire.  Whilst I feel the skills I have acquired position me well to manage the project I am not so naive as to not realise the scale of the challenge that I am taking on.  I am intending to use this blog to document my progress, both for my own benefit and the benefit of others.  The scale of the challenge we face in terms of meeting our housing crisis whilst also de-carbonising it means every opportunity for learning must be seized.  I hope this blog can play a small part in evolving that learning.


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